Effective September 1st, 2016

South End of the City – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Each Month
1st street
2nd Street
3rd Street
4th Street
5th Street
6th Street
7th Street
8th Street
Railroad Ave
Jasksboro Ave on South End
Marsh Ave
Church Ave
High Ave
Short Ave
Glenn Ave
Presneel Lane
Fairground Road
Vivian Ave
Golda Ave
Grace Ave
Cooper Ave
Hunter Drive
Lawson Ave
Railroad Street
Walden Lane
Willow Lane
Butcher Lane
Bank Ave
Jacksboro Road
Lindsay Ave
Shelby St
Carpenter St
Industrial Park Lane
Marshell Street

North End of the City – 2nd & 4th Wednseday of Each Month
Adkins Street
Biddle Lane
Chestnut Ave
Meadow Street
Leach Street
Hill Street
Euclid Ave
Riggs Lane
Johnson Street
Jacksboro Ave on North End
Alice Drive
Sunshine Drive
Summit Lane
Gross Street
Alred Street
Mason Ave
Mountain Road
Wallace Ave
Dowlen Lane
Alley Street
Nelson Street
Gilliam Street
Duncan Street
Hyden Lane
Watts Ave
Duff Lane
Creek St
Longfield Road
Legion Ave
Pearl Street
N. Railroad Ave
Bolin Road
Colonial Lane
Mountain Side Lane
Sharpe Drive
Wyoming Lane
Hillcrest Ave
Willow Brook Lane
Miller Street
Straight Way